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How to Get to Siberia Valley – The South Island’s Hidden Gem

How to Get to Siberia Valley – The South Island’s Hidden Gem 

Surprisingly, not a lot of people know about the South Island’s hidden gem, the Siberia Valley. Found inthe heart of the Mt Aspiring National Park, the Siberia Valley is an otherworldly experience. Glacial beauty, wilderness and forested thrill are all around you. If you’re looking for a breathtaking tourist experience that takes you right up to the most beautiful snow-capped mountains and luscious New Zealand rainforests, then the Siberia Valley should be on your bucket list. 

In this article, find out how to get to Siberia Valley. You’ll also uncover the many reasons why you should explore the best of what the South Island has to offer. It’s known as the Siberia Experience


What is the Siberia Experience? 

This one of a kind experience exposes you to some of the most breathtaking views on the South Island. Kick off the experience in Makarora by taking to the skies in a small plane and swooping over the mountains of the Siberia Valley. Come close to the snow-capped mountains and drink in the crystal clear lakes scattered throughout.

After twenty-five minutes of aerial beauty, touchdown in the heart of the Valley and embark on a three-hour walk through the National Park. From the ground, you’ll feel tiny compared to the towering, rugged mountainscape and ancient rainforests that surround you. Anyone who is reasonably fit can take part in this backcountry walk.

You’ll complete the journey with a gorgeous jet boat ride atop the Wilkin and Makarora Rivers. Skim across the mountain rivers in a river jet boat, soaking up the river valleys and crystal clear glacial waters.

If you’re looking to experience the Siberia Valley in one jam-packed journey, then the Siberia Experience is perfect for you. Take in the sights of the Valley on this awesome day trip – consider booking your Siberia Experience today


How to Get to Siberia Valley 

The Siberia Valley is located in the heart of the Mt Aspiring National Park. The best place to depart for your Siberia Experience is from the Wonderland Makarora Lodge. You can click this link to be taken to Google Maps, and be shown the directions to the Wonderland Makarora Lodge from your current location

If you have any issues, contact the Wonderland Makarora Lodge. One of the friendly staff members will be able to help you find the Lodge and make the right travel arrangements. 


Where to Stay Near the Siberia Valley 

The best accommodation on the South Island is by far the Wonderland Makarora Lodge. Not only is it the best place from which to start the Siberia Experience, but the Lodge offers amazing accommodation on the South Island amongst beautiful mountains and rolling hills. 

After a long day of flying, walking and boating around the Siberia Valley, you want to unwind somewhere equally breathtaking. Of all the accommodation on the South Island, the Wonderland Makarora Lodge has the most pristine views from its cabins and chalets. You never have to leave the ambience of the Valley behind.

Book your accommodation on the South Island today to avoid missing out! With an awesome day trip through the Siberia Valley and stunning accommodation on the cards, you’re in for a journey that is equal parts thrilling and soul-soothing. 


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